Press release: The partnership between DSA and TGS France.

GROUP LIFE >>TGS France is joining forces with the Parisian firm DSA and thus consolidating its presence in Île-de-France. TGS France is continuing its regional development strategy through external growth at the start of the year. The French group, specializing in business consulting, has just finalized its merger with the DSA group, headed by Jean-Luc […]

The alarming rise of cybercrime

Let’s protect ourselves against this growing threat Cybercrime has become a major concern in our connected society. Rapid technological advances have created new opportunities for online criminals, jeopardizing the security of individuals, businesses, and governments. In this article, we will take a closer look at the growing threat of cybercrime and the steps we can […]

Identity theft

A risk to be taken seriously for businesses Identity theft is a growing problem in the business world. Businesses should be aware of the risks associated with this malicious practice and take steps to protect themselves. In this article, we’ll explore the dangers of identity theft for businesses and provide tips on how to guard […]